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Bureau des relations internationales du CHU de Nantes Maison de la recherche en santé Immeuble Cap Ouest 63 quai Magellan 2e étage (interphone 2)
44093 Nantes Cedex 1
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+33 (0)2 53 48 28 30
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International affairs at CHU de Nantes mainly concern four areas:
  • Technical collaborations and knowledge transfer as part of institutional partnerships and study visit;
  • Continuing education of medical and non-medical staff;
  • Scientific research;
  • Assistance to foreign patients
CHU de Nantes is a member of the réseau mère-enfant de la francophonie, a group of 18 teaching hospitals specialized in perinatal care and pediatrics. This network is the result of a long tradition of collaborations and exchanges pertaining to care, education, research, and management.

Learn more about the international affairs policy of CHU de Nantes, by reading this article "Les relations internationales: l'engagement stratégique du CHU de Nantes" published on Réseau CHU or watch our video presenting international affairs at CHU de Nantes:

Key figures regarding international affairs at CHU de Nantes in 2016:

  •  An hosted foreign delegation;
  • 2 study visits abroad;
  • 30 observational medical internships;
  • 4 practical medical internships;
  • 8 non-medical internships;
  • 34% of our scientific publications involve an international cooperation;
  • 5 institutional partnerships;
  • 105 international patients (programmed admissions).

Institutionnal international partnerships

CHU de Nantes establishes national and international partnerships based on projects and objectives. The internal international affairs committee created a form to be used by project holders or partners who would like to propose a project. This form is used to initiate the feasibility analysis, as well as benefits and risks assessment.

To submit a project to CHU de Nantes, please fill in the project submission form and transmit it to the office of international affairs by email.

CHU de Nantes is currently seeking institutional partners on the following topics:
  • Gérontopôle Pays de la Loire and CHU de Nantes jointly propose a 5 day-training/seminar on the territorial organization of aging management;
  • CHU de Nantes proposes a training on the patient education.

Project management tools

Area of expertise

The office contributes its expertise to the institution and its agents in the following areas:
  • implementation, management, and coordination of partnerships and cooperative projects;
  • assistance in hosting of foreign delegations;
  • assistance with incoming mobility procedures for medical or non-medical staff (internships, recruitments);
  • assistance with outgoing mobility procedures for medical or non-medical staff;
  • regulatory watch, documentation, and methodological tools;
  • watch for funding opportunities.
An international affairs committee at CHU de Nantes was created in 2008. Members of this committee include the Director General, the President of the institutional medical committee, the Director of nursing, the Director of the paramedical schools, and representatives of the medical, pharmacy, and dental schools of Université de Nantes. Sessions of this committee are a place of exchange and information where synergies between the university and hospital are explored.

The team

Marie Lapostolle
Director of attractiveness, communication and general affairs, Head of international affairs
Isabelle Brisson
Project manager research and international affairs
Brenda Evans
Project manager international patients
Martine Ripoche