Partnership with the Hospital Saint-Antoine, Jérémie (Grand'Anse), Haiti

Published on February 17, 2017 Updated on February 20, 2017
Country: Haiti
Capital: Port-au-Prince
Population: 10,71 million inhabitants (2015)
Official languages: Creole and French
City : Jérémie
Name of the institution: Hôpital Saint-Antoine
Partners: Hôpital Saint-Antoine  in Jérémie, CHU de Nantes  (in collaboration with Gynécologie sans frontières), the city of Nantes, Association des Maires de la Grand’Anse

The project
The principal goal is to reduce mother and child mortality in the region of Grand’Anse.  This project is focusing on reinforcing the capacities of the Hôpital Saint-Antoine (HSA) maternity Jérémie, being the reference hospital of Grand’Anse. 

Visite de de la maternité de l’hôpital Saint-Antoine
Visite de de la maternité de l’hôpital Saint-Antoine
Realizations :
  • Project Manager recruitment at HSA;
  • training and support for the maintenance technician in charge of the equipment;
  • recruitment of a plumber-bricklayer in charge of construction and maintenance operations at HSA;
  • technical workshop construction;
  • refurbishing and reorganization of the maternity (layout, fluxes, electricity);
  • maternity equipment and  staff training;
  • construction/rehabilitation of the hospital’s surroundings;
  • improvement of care techniques organization of the maternity and additional training for the nursing staff and medical staff;
  • improvement on waste management and cleaning procedures