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IHU Cesti 2016 - call for tenders

Publié le 5 juillet 2016 Mis à jour le 5 juillet 2016

The IHU-CESTI launches a call to fund a new team working on the topics of interest of the IHU-CESTI.

The Institut-Hospitalo Universitaire «Centre Européen des Sciences de la Transplantation et Immunothérapies » (IHU-CESTI) is a network of research laboratories from Nantes, France (http://www.cesti.univ-nantes.fr).

The IHU-CESTI launches a call to fund a new team working on the topics of interest of the IHU-CESTI. These topics include basic and translational research on immunology and intervention on organ and cell transplantation, cell and gene therapy. Through this funding the IHU-CESTI aims to attract a scientist (whatever nationality) with a solid background on research in immunology and/or immunotherapy in the areas mentioned above. This leader will have the possibility to apply for a permanent position in French research organisms (Inserm, CNRS, University) through one of the research laboratories that form the IHU-CESTI in order to consolidate his/her position in Nantes.

The funding for this new team is of 225 K€ and will be used to cover salary for the team leader (amount depending on experience) technician, M2 or PhD students as well as consumables expenses (30 K€/year/person working on the bench). Other possibilities of funding exist and will have to be explored by the principal investigator. Laboratory space will be available and acces to all technical facilities of the medical campus will be possible (including animal facilities for small and large animals, viral vector production, flow cytometry, cell imagery, iPS generation, CRISPRs generation, rat transgenesis, GMP facilities for Cell therapy, etc.). This principal investigator will also be able to have Master 2 and PhD students under his/her supervision. The funding should begin to be used during the first trimester of 2017.
  • The proposal should be written in English in a maximum of 5 pages including figures and eferences.
  • The principal investigator should send a CV and a motivation letter explaining their interest in joining one of the IHU-CESTI research laboratories.
  • The proposal and CV should be addressed to celine.kerandel@chu-nantes.fr by September 1st 2016.
  • The analysis of proposals and interviews with candidates (personal or Skype or FaceTime) will take place during September 2016.