scientific research internships

Publié le 3 décembre 2015 Mis à jour le 23 décembre 2019
Scientific research internships at the CHU de Nantes focus on research and teaching and are open to medical or non-medial staff. Scientific interns are not paid by CHU de Nantes. They are not authorized to take part in any of the medical activities of the host institution. They cannot perform medical, surgical, or technical act on patients during the internship, even under the supervision of members of the medical or nurse staff.
If you wish to apply for a scientific research internship at the CHU de Nantes as a researcher or teacher-researcher, the first step is to provide the Head of Department concerned with the description of the intended internship (start and end dates, research or university teaching nature). A presentation of CHU de Nantes Departments and contacts are available on this website.

In order to obtain the institutional agreement to undertake the internship, the applicant must provide the international affairs office by email with the following documents and information:
  1. copy of the passport, for international interns, and copy of the visa and residence permit, if non-European resident;
  2. copy of the diplomas; for students, a document from their university certifying that the applicant is enrolled in a graduate program;
  3. written agreement of the Head of Department hosting the applicant to the intended internship (start and end dates, research or teaching project);
  4. proof of insurance :
    • proof of liability insurance covering that the intern against bodily injury and property damage caused directly or indirectly at a third party,
    • health coverage for the length of the entire stay in France; coverage must include accidents that could occur when doing research or teaching tasks at CHU de Nantes, as required by the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2005/71/EC of October 12, 2005 on a specific procedure for admitting third-country nationals for the purposes of scientific research;
  5. medical examination report certifying that the applicant has no physical or psychiatric condition which could prevent them from doing their internship;
  6. proof of vaccination : BCG and hepatitis B;
  7. proof of sufficient funds to cover all of the applicant’s living expenses in France and the transportation fees for the trip back to their country of origin
  8. name and address of the applicant’s employer or university;
  9. full name, personal address, email address, and telephone number of the applicant.

CHU de Nantes will then fill in and sign a specific form called the “Convention d’accueil” (hosting agreement). CHU de Nantes can also issue an accompanying letter specifying the internship objectives in order to avoid any confusion with medical practical internships (“stagiaire associé”).

The “Convention d’accueil” is endorsed by the Prefecture and sent back to the applicant who will use it to apply for a scientific visa at the French Embassy in their country of origin.

For more information on the scientific researcher status (available in French only):