medical practical internship as “stagiaire associé”

Publié le 3 décembre 2015 Mis à jour le 14 février 2017
If you wish to apply for a practical medical internship at CHU de Nantes you will be hired as a “stagiaire associé”. This type of internship is only available as part of an international cooperation project and under certains conditions described in the circulaire interministérielle n° DIMM/BIP/DGOS/RH4/2012/111 du 7 mars 2012 (PDF ; in French).

The applicant must provide the international affairs office of CHU de Nantes by email with the following documents:
  • A description of the intended internship : the start and end dates, educational objectives, source of funding to cover your income in France;
  • The written agreement of the Head of Department concerned. A presentation of CHU de Nantes Departments and contacts are available on this website;
  • A description of the institutional cooperation context (between your institution and CHU de Nantes) in which this internship takes place.

For your information, regulation regarding practical medical internships as “stagiaire associé” is described in the following documents (available in French only):
  • code de la Santé publique : articles L. 6134-1, R. 6134- 2 1°;
  • arrêté du 16 mai 2011 relatif aux stagiaires associés mentionnés au 1° de l’article R. 6153-2 du code de la santé publique, modifié par l'arrêté du 9 février 2012 relatif aux stagiaires associés;
  • circulaire interministérielle n° DIMM/BIP/DGOS/RH4/2012/111 du 7 mars 2012.