information in English - Saint-Jacques hospital

    Publié le 28 avril 2009 Mis à jour le 10 septembre 2009

    Located in the south of the city, the Saint-Jacques hospital is a unit with 972 beds. It includes the functional rehabilitation, psychiatry and geriatrics services.

    To reach the Saint-Jacques hospital via public transport:

    • Tram - line 2 or 3, Pirmil station
    • Bus-way - line 4, Bonne-Garde station
    • Bus - lines 36, 39, 42 or 43, Saint-Jacques stop

    For any further information, please contact the service Allo Tan on 00 33 (0)240.444.444 or consult the web site

    To reach the Saint-Jacques hospital by car:

    • Leave the ring road at exit No. 47, Porte de Vertou, or exit No. 45, Porte de Basse Goulaine

    Click here for a map of Saint-Jacques hospital