guichet d'accueil des chercheurs en santé (English version)

    Publié le 10 août 2011 Mis à jour le 11 août 2015
    In order to increase the attractiveness of Nantes University hospital campus, Nantes University hospital is promoting a comprehensive welcoming policy including the development of an information desk dedicated to newly arrived investigators in the field of health research, called Guichet d'accueil des chercheurs en santé.

    The purpose of this desk is to facilitate the integration of newly recruited investigators (French nationals or foreigners) working on Nantes University hospital campus.

    For whom?
    All investigators in the field of health research, French nationals or foreigners, working on Nantes University hospital campus, all employers included.

    Its missions?
    • institutional contact person for French and foreign investigators;
    • assessment of the investigator's needs;
    • ensure contact between foreign investigators and Association chercheurs étrangers à Nantes (office and information desk for foreign researchers in Nantes) for specific assistance;
    • provide assistance to French investigators for housing, school and day care, and city discovery;
    • presentation of the professional environment;
    • provide assistance to the investigator's spouse in his/her job search.
    How it works?
    Once the recruitment decision has been officially made, the investigator contacts the desk in order to make a first assessment of needs before the arrival in Nantes. An appointment with the desk officer is scheduled soon after the investigator's arrival. From then on, assistance is provided  as needed.