assistance to international research scientists and medical staff

Published on November 2, 2016 Updated on November 2, 2016

The office of international affairs is the designated institutional contact for international research scientists and medical staff doing an internship, soon to be hired, or recently hired at CHU de Nantes. They can get assistance from the office of international affairs and Association Chercheurs étrangers à Nantes to prepare their stay in France.

Assistance is provided on the following issues:

  • housing
  • administrative formalities (incl. visa, “droit de séjour”)
  • finding schools and child care services
  • discovering and getting around the city
  • presentation of the institution
  • social and professional integration of spouse

How to get assistance:

The new employee or intern should contact the international affairs office as soon as the hiring decision has been made or the internship agreement has been officially obtained. The office should be contacted before the arrival in Nantes for a needs assessment. An appointment with the office can be scheduled soon after the arrival in Nantes. Further assistance is provided if needed.